“If you go slowly enough, six or seven months is an eternity—if you let it be—if you forget old things, and learn new ones. Even a week can last forever.”
Rick Bass, Winter

"In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer."
Albert Camus

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Part II: Day 36: Mr. Husband, We're Ready for Our Close-Up

At this time of year, those first two weeks of May, the colors change visibly every single day.  One day the lilacs are budding, the next day the trees are ablaze.  In the woods are the last of the trillium.  Maybe if we walk through them every other day we can make them last?

This time I handed the camera over to the husband so that I could be in some of the pictures.

She knows where we're going, but there's still much to see

Entrance to the Woods

How rare it is for us to be pointed in the same direction, with trillium around us

Which is why we took dozens of these, but you won't have to see them all, gentle reader, I promise.  This one is posted here because Zoe has a nice smile, and my eyes are open for a change.

One of us said, "Where's mommy?" which is why she is looking my way and not towards our photographer

Talk to the hand

How was that treat, really?



A private joke--Zoe looks likes she's laughing here

One last picture (or twelve), and then you can swim, Zoe!

I'd like a Slurpee about now.

Testing the temperature

Hope you don't object to black slime paw prints
Thank you, she says.

After a walk like this through the splendor of May wildflower season, I want to go back in time and do it all again.  In these posts, I do.

Namaste, gentle reader.  I hope all kinds of flowers are blooming, wherever you are.


  1. I love these pictures of Zoe. She reminds me ever so much of my beautiful girl Scout, who I lost to bladder cancer. Here's a picture of her on her last day:


  2. Dear Michelle, Oh, that Scout. That's such a great picture. She looks like she's thinking of taking a leap to the kitchen floor but isn't sure if it's such a good idea. She looks so soulful and lovely--a heart dog. Thank you for writing, and I'm so sorry your girl had bladder cancer. All best wishes, Natalia

    1. Natalia, Scout was a very special dog indeed. She brought so much joy to this little corner of the world.

      I enjoy your blog so much. It triggers such warm memories and musings of sharing my life with dogs. I frequently find myself nodding in agreement with your posts. I've learned so much about life and love and letting go from dogs. I envy the eloquence with which you're able to express your thoughts on this almost intangible wonder.

  3. Thank you, Michelle, for your kind words, and for reading this blog.

    Mirabee--you be gorgeous too! woof!