“If you go slowly enough, six or seven months is an eternity—if you let it be—if you forget old things, and learn new ones. Even a week can last forever.”
Rick Bass, Winter

"In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer."
Albert Camus

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Part II, Day 25: Zoe and Friends in Vermont, a Genre-Bending Thriller

Maybe it all started with the toy helicopter.  My husband, a child at heart when it comes to gadgets, and a secret reader of thrillers, startled us one night with the sound.

What was it?

We were in the living room thinking about nothing much at all and suddenly we heard the blades, the sound not of a rescue operation, as we three witnessed once happening in the South of France, but of an army of flies invading our North Country home.

Gold star if you can find the helicopter in this picture

The next day we were packing up, Zoe and I, seeking adventure in the neighboring state of Vermont.

First, as I posted about yesterday, she assisted in minor surgery at the vet's office.  That the patient was herself was no obstacle for her.

Later, we piled into the dog-mobile with our friends Milo, the speed racer, sometimes known as Roller Dog, and Emily, who is Queen Alpha of all Curly Golden-haired Dogs of the Universe.

Zoe and Emily tried to help drive, but their services were not needed.  Glenn had matters firmly in hand.

On the walk, Zoe offered to race Milo, but Roller Dog was not interested in competing.  He follows to the beat of his own drum.  It's the the heartbeat of his human companion, and that person has treats.

Cold was coming, and Zoe said, Bring it on.

There's something about the two of us that seems to attract winter, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Back at the house, Zoe and Tad squared off.  The cat refused to cower and refused to climb down from his perch.  He stared Zoe down and told her not to get any closer.  The stand-off was recorded on film, but only the two characters can tell you what genre their story could be categorized as: domestic comedy, or Western.

We woke the next morning to snow.  Zoe was delighted.

Emily and Milo wondered if they were in a remake of that movie, Groundhog Day.  This was exactly how it went the last time we came to Vermont to visit.  They have visitors from the West, and it snows.  Why?

(For details of that story, the prequel to today's events, go to Thanksgiving in Spring, here.)

Off we went with James, and Zoe and I watched the tender way James lifted the Roller Derby star from the car.  He and Glenn make it all look so easy.

Milo was deprived of one of his two favorite morning games because of all the clouds.  This dog likes to chase sunlight.  He finds a watchband glinting, or sunbeams having a parade, and he follows them and barks.

His second favorite activity is to roll in smooth moss.  It was coated in snow today, but he didn't care.

Zoe has three legs, but she doesn't defer to her only other three-legged associate.  When she saw her chance, she leapt first into the poochmobile and claimed the best four-wheel real estate for herself.

When Milo asked why, she said Ours is not to reason why.

But then the three dogs rode happily back to the house where the cat was hiding in wait.

Zoe and Emily, two top dogs, attempt to commandeer the steering wheel

Zoe is considering the script for Riding in Cars With Boys (and Girls)

Have you ever seen a cuter Golden face?

Glenn helps Milo down.

Milo, Speed Racer, a.k.a Roller Dog, is almost ready, and Coach Emily looks on

Is that really snow?

Don't worry, Emily.  You'll always be Top Girl.

Milo and Zoe agree to the terms of the race.

Glenn and Emily, Milo and Zoe

Whoops, where'd they go?

Milo would rather keep the humans company today
Make me!
This is the closest Zoe has ever gotten to a cat

Zoe shows off her tripod sit formation
With no sunbeams to chase, Milo proceeds to roll in moss

Without the fourth leg as momentum, it took him a while to get up, but he did

Zoe doesn't understand why the others aren't grinning as the snow goes horizontal

First in the prime seat--ha!

Are you talking to me?

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